Striving to play an integral role in helping people around the world lead safer, healthier and more fulfilling lives is the underpinning of everything we do. In addition to offering knowledge, expertise and world-renowned products, MedixSource and our employees are committed to the betterment of society and fostering a sustainable planet.

Our declared policies are:

Wellbeing of our employees: We ensure that our employees are properly prepared for the locations they are assigned to, both in healthcare terms (vaccinations, prophylactic treatment etc), as well as in psycho-social terms. We endeavour to keep working rates and duties reasonable to allow balance between work and family life.
Local talent: We are committed to developing local workforce and integrating local professionals within our teams.

Local suppliers: We are committed to utilizing local suppliers and to deal fairly and ethically. 

Wellbeing of the communities in which we work: We work to ensure that our projects positively effect the wellbeing of the communities in which we work. This is achieved by ensuring that our projects do not harm the local environment and by assisting local health providers in developing their capability to provide care to the local communities. We support local hospitals in the regions that we work in by carrying out training programs, donating medicines and other medical supplies.


This Years Mission: Fighting the Deadly Opioid Epidemic in Our Own Backyard

The maltreatment and abuse of narcotics is as of now considered among the most dire wellbeing circumstances in our nation. MedixSource, with a nearness in almost 10,000 communities across the country, is fighting this general wellbeing pandemic head-on through a multi-pronged, undertaking approach. Keeping in mind that our endeavors are national, there's a great deal happening directly in Long Island, New York where we're headquartered. From state teams to network level projects and support, MedixSource is striving to avoid and stop narcotic maltreatment in its own backyard.

Explaining the narcotic plague is a perplexing issue that requires coordinated effort over all divisions, and MedixSource is focused on being a piece of the arrangement, both here in New York and across the nation. We will work directly with medical professionals to discuss this urgent issue and to present patients with alternatives to narcotics and addiction solutions. We welcome all people in joining this fight with us! Email or call us to learn more.