Much thanks for your enthusiasm for becoming a valuable piece of our new Dropship-Affiliate program!

We have a complete guide that will empower you to earn additional income (10-15% commission) by either Dropshipping our items through your website as well as utilizing your remarkable Affiliate tools to banners for customer referrals, link a product in a newsletter, etc. You can be as inventive as you'd like and we'll help you en route with valuable thoughts (more beneath).

* We can give higher discounts to high-volume Dropshippers

There are many ways to utilize the Dropship-Affiliate program. Periodically we'll send out tips and ideas that will explore other ways of maximizing your sales, so stay tuned for announcements.

Once you are registered as either a Dropshipper or an Affiliate, we'll provide you with more information, including a program outline and product list. You can then begin to download pictures and text from the website if you are going to be adding our products to your website and Dropshipping, or start utilizing the Affiliate tools to begin marketing.

Search Policy: We encourage affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not use the terms MedixSource, or misspellings or variations of these.

For further questions or concerns, you can reach the Dropship Affiliate team by emailing