Most Popular Oxygen Cannulas Of 2018
With the expanded dimensions of contamination noticeable all around, respiratory issues are one of the furious issues in the therapeutic world. Millions around the globe are influenced by the absolute littlest to the greatest respiratory issues. Essential breathing issues can transform into bad dreams for a few people. Sensitivities are a typical thing that can likewise influence standardized relaxing. For such individuals, supplemental oxygen must be given with the goal that no different intricacies can occur.

What are Oxygen Cannulas?

Oxygen cannulas are tube-like gadgets that supply strengthening oxygen from a source to the patient. The closures of the cannula are set in the nostrils through which oxygen is conveyed. Subsequently, these cannulas are otherwise called nasal cannulas. 

When does one need a Nasal Cannula?

There are various conditions in which an individual may lose the capacity to inhale regularly and require an agreeable nasal cannula to acquire valuable oxygen.



Unending bronchitis


Cystic fibrosis


Lung disease

Pneumonic embolism

Sorts of Nasal Cannulas

Distinctive sorts of oxygen cannulas are ordered based on prong shapes. Prongs are little cylinder openings embedded into the nostrils.

1. Bended Prong Cannula

They are bended in the shape and fit consummately into the nostrils. They are planned remembering life systems of the nose. Medline Soft Touch Nasal Oxygen Cannula is extraordinary compared to other nasal cannula with bended prongs.

2. Flared Prong Cannula

They gradually widen towards the opening end and are explicitly intended to back off the stream of oxygen. One of the well known flared prong cannula is CareFusion AirLife Flared-Tip Nasal Cannula.

3. Bended and Flared Prong Cannula

They are a mix of the over two and a standout amongst the most usually utilized oxygen cannula types. CareFusion AirLife Nasal Cannula is one such blend.

4. Straight Prong Cannula

The openings of this cannula are straight and intended to venture further up into the nasal section. Exactness Medical EasyPulse Oxygen Cannula is a straight prong cannula.


Advantages of utilizing Oxygen Cannulas

Enhanced breathing is one of the significant advantages of utilizing oxygen cannulas. Enhanced oxygen levels mean better breathing and ordinary wellbeing bringing about:

Expanded spryness and liveliness

Better rest

Longer life expectancy

Better wellbeing


Dangers related with Oxygen Cannulas

Normally they are without hazard, however, imprudence amid use may result in various issues which include:

Nasal dryness

Lung harm

Harm to the eyes

Oxygen lethality

Oxygen cannulas are a standout amongst the most imperative parts of all oxygen conveyance frameworks. They are anything but difficult to utilize and can be effectively cleaned. The correct sort of cannula can help extemporize and increment oxygen levels along these lines bringing about better wellbeing. Picking the correct sort of oxygen cannula ought to be one of the initial steps while choosing what gadget or apparatuses one should purchase for providing or utilizing strengthening oxygen. They are the conveyance devices of the oxygen and the wrong sort of cannula may cause loss of oxygen, or further difficulties amid treatment.

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